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Synairgen’s advanced human tissue models of respiratory disease

Respiratory research has been hampered by the inability of animal models to truly replicate disease pathology and chronicity, as well as the impact of environmental factors such as viruses, cigarette smoke and other inflammatory agents.

Over the years, Synairgen has accumulated an extensive BioBank comprised of blood, sputum, nasal lavage, biopsies, bronchial epithelial cells and fibroblasts from well-characterised volunteers with asthma or COPD (and relevant controls). Using this resource, Synairgen has developed a number of advanced tissue models.

These models include:

In vitro models:

  • Primary bronchial epithelial cell cultures
  • Differentiated epithelial cells (using an air liquid interface model)
  • Primary bronchial fibroblast cultures
  • 3D fibroblastic focus model using cells from IPF patients
  • Biopsies

Ex vivo models:

  • Explant cultures
  • Blood assays

Synairgen can utilise these models to:

  • Discover novel drug targets
  • Identify disease-related lesions and underlying molecular mechanisms
  • Conduct proof of concept testing and validation of novel drug targets
  • Conduct screening assays for novel drug targets and lead target selection
  • Provide support for clinical trial activities

Once targets have been validated in the laboratory, Synairgen’s clinical team has the proven experience and capability to design and run appropriate Phase I and II proof of concept clinical trials.